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Friday, November 22, 2019

Nutrition News

Tired all the time

Do You Find Yourself Being Tired All The Time?

  How many time over the years have you found yourself saying “I am so tired all the time, I just can’t be bothered doing anything”? If the answer is never, then you are one of...
Effects of sugar on the brain

The Effects of Sugar on the Brain

  A lot of us pile it on our cereals, spoon it into our drinks or use it to sweeten different food dishes, but do we actually understand what the effects of sugar on the...
Digestive problems

Is Your Diet Causing Digestive Problems?

Many of us are aware that the foods we eat can be a help, or a hindrance to our general health, causing various digestive problems. Despite this fact, most of us will choose not to...
Vitamin K function

Vitamin K – A Brief Scientific View

Contrary to what happens with most of the other vitamins, the term “Vitamin K” doesn’t refer to a single substance. Rather, it represents an entire family of fat-soluble molecules that share a common basic chemical...
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Is Your Food Causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

  Have you ever considered that those irritating stomach issues which seem to come back when you least expect them might be Irritable bowel syndrome? Or have you had those shooting pains which can sometimes make...


Why are Carbohydrates Important to Us

Why are Carbohydrates Important to Us?

  Carbs have been receiving a bad reputation in the past few years, but many people are asking the question, “Why are carbohydrates important to...

10 Everyday Foods to Boost Your Vitamin K Levels

As if we don’t need another good reason to make sure we are including some fresh vegetables in our diets, along comes another one...
Lean plant protein

Health Benefits of Switching to a Plant Based Protein Diet

  Lately changing to a plant based type of diet has become quite popular for millions of people, and this trend doesn’t seem to be...
Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, helping in reversing the effects of ageing by stopping free radicals from damaging our cells. This...
Vitamin D

Vitamin D

  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is not found naturally in many foods. It plays three key roles in our bodies. The first and...


Egg Facts

Egg Facts And Nutritional Benefits

Unless you are on some form of restrictive eating plan, breakfast will probably be your most important meal of the day. Eggs are considered to...
Dark chocolate benefits

Dark Chocolate Benefits

It is not widely known, but there are a lot of dark chocolate benefits that can be had from that little bar of guilty...
Digestive system

13 Super Foods That Can Help to Re-balance Your Digestive System

  If you could take a microscope and look into your gut, you would find that it is home to trillions of micro-organisms. This population of...


Keep our eyes healthy

We Need to Protect and Keep Our Eyes Healthy

  We only have one pair of eyes to last us our lifetime. So don’t you think it makes sense that we should do whatever it...
Keeping your brain sharp

Keeping Your Brain Sharp as You Age

  According to the experts, as we begin to creep up to the ripe old age of 50, most of us will in some way...
Slow Your Aging

Help Slow Your Aging to Combat Lifestyle Diseases

  It is important to be on a healthy eating plan no matter what age you are, but it gets even more crucial the older...
Foods that cause wrinkles

Foods That Cause Wrinkles and Make Your Face Appear Older

  If someone sat you down and told you what foods were going to make you age faster, would you make the effort to avoid...
why aging people need vitamin D

Why Our Aging Population Needs Vitamin D

  Older members of the population, who have found themselves either stuck in the home or hospitalized for any extended period of time, will more...
Cruciferous Vegetables

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables the Anti-Aging Superfoods

  If you are looking for great a source of foods that are chock full of antioxidant plant compounds to help you try to slow...